Microperforated Reheat Bags are ideal for packaging baked goods such as pies, pasties, sausage rolls, quiches and other foods requiring reheating such as tacos, vegie burgers etc. The following stock sizes in 15um microperforated reheat film are typically available ' off the shelf ' in cartons of 1000 bags. CRUSTY WRAP  (Microperforated) Micro perforated reheat bags are suitable for products that need to be kept warm or reheated,               these bags can handle warm temperatures without shrinking or melting.    ~ One sided, heat sealable polyester film    ~ Good adhesion on plain side for surface inks     ~ Unaffected by high temperatures Flat Bags ( L x W)  180x100mm small sausage roll 210x100mm large sausage roll 180x150mm pie 180x165mm 200x200mm quiche We can also manufacture plain or printed bags to meet your specific requirements Please contact us for a quote