BOPP  (Polypropylene) Flat Bags ( L x W) 180x100mm   200x125mm   230x150mm   270x150mm   300x180mm  360x180mm We can also manufacture flat and gusseted bags (plain or printed) in 30um, 40um and 50um  BOPP, PVDC coated BOPP, Metalised foil laminate and a wide range of clear laminates to meet your specific size requirements. We also have the following sizes available in stock in stock limited numbers (please enquire) PVdC Coated Bags 50um & 32um 230x100x45, 240x100x45, 253x54, 220x55, 300x125x60 Please contact us for a quote on your required size and material BOPP = Biaxially Orientated Polypropylene Bags BOPP Bags are fantastic for packaging food such as biscuits, nuts, confectionery, pasta, health foods, spices , coffee etc As well as the standard 50um BOPP film we can custom make a pvdc coated BOPP bag that will extend the shelf life of your product while providing an exceptionally high quality 'look and feel' - ideal if you are looking to position your product at the 'gourmet' end of the market . The following stock sizes in 50um BOPP are typically available ' off the shelf ' in cartons of 1000 bags Suited for use as single ply film as an alternative to laminate structures. Specially suited for biscuits, nuts, confectionery, pasta, health foods, spices etc SPECS -  Heat sealable on both sides -  Very high seal strength -  Excellent water vapour barrier -  Corona discharge treated on side, for adhesion of printing inks    and adhesives -  Superior optical properties -  Exceptional puncture and impact resistance even at low temps -  Unaffected by variations in climatic conditions